Does your blog or website ever get a bit bland or stale? The recipe for a great web presence is quality content, but good content doesn’t always have to be an article. Here are 7 different content ingredients that add a little extra zest and flavor.

A Dash of Video

There are all kinds of ways to use video. From tutorials and testimonials, to special events and behind-the-scenes footage, videos are powerful pieces of content that people love to watch, engage with, and share. Videos are also a great medium for creativity and fun, so you can show a lighter, more human side of your business.

A Pinch of Podcasts

Not really the video type? Got a face for radio? You can still create engaging media content with audio podcasts. With regular “episodes” you can discuss trends in your industry, share business insights or answer customer questions. Just like video, podcasts offer opportunities to get creative as well as showcase your own personality. And there are plenty of sites out there that make podcasting easy.

A Dollop of Reviews

I don’t mean a Yelp account; I’m talking about creating your own book reviews, app reviews, product reviews. A thoughtful review is a fantastic piece of content for a couple of reasons. It illustrates that you and your business are up to speed on recent releases in your industry (be it a new book, a cool app or an upcoming product or technology), and it provides a valuable opinion for others who might think about purchasing the same item.

A Smidgen of Infographics

Infographics are an interesting and beautiful way to visually communicate trends, statistics and facts about your industry. Plus, the Internet loves them! Consider working with a designer to put some of your industry knowledge into a cool infographic. Or, if you don’t have easy access to graphic design skills, share infographics from other sources (with proper attribution, of course).

A Hint of Interviews

Interview-style content is another way to add variety to your blog. While interviews with industry experts or leaders of your company are great, your interviewee doesn’t have to be a founder or CEO. Interviews with front line employees about their experiences and what they do from day to day help introduce your customers to the human faces of your business.

A Skosh of Guest Posts

Know someone else in your industry who can share quality content and opinions? Have super employees who could provide interesting posts?  Invite other voices to guest post on your page and share their experiences and thoughts with your audience.

A Bit of Live Blogging

If you’re keeping up with your industry, you probably make a few trips each year to tradeshows and conventions to stay on top of new developments and make new connections. You might even host your own corporate events. Events provide an awesome opportunity for live blogging and sharing new updates and other special features with your audience in real-time.  Plus it can keep people returning to your blog for additional updates throughout the day.

What other kinds of content do you cook up to make your blog or website a delicious dish?


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